Man 2 Man - Urban Youth Advocate

Job and Life Skills


Our Job and Life Skills program is designed to provide our youth with the proper skillset to handle the daily challenges of managing their lives, set and achieve educational and vocational goals, confidently engage with others and communicate effectively.  Whether applying for a job, college or managing household activities, Man 2 Man UYA’s innovative curriculum guides these youths to make sensible choices that are beneficial to their futures. 

While Man 2 Man UYA is dedicated to supporting all aspects of life skills, there is a deep disparity in the unemployment rates between minorities and non-minorities in Oakland.  Therefore, we have a greater focus on helping our young men obtain and keep jobs. We assist in appropriate job selection and establishing an educational roadmap to secure that job. We also role play and act out every event from learning how to dress for an interview, to preparing for the interview itself. We provide our youth the necessary tools needed in order to secure a good job. Teaching our youth how to plan for their future by setting realistic goals for today’s success is Man 2 Man UYA’s goal. Another goal of the highest importance is to learn to respect themselves. If they do not respect themselves, it will be nearly impossible for them to respect others.  This lack of self-respect leads to a lack of confidence and this negative self-image often manifests as anger and has a tendency to be problematic when seeking employment.

Consequently, at Man 2 Man UYA, we believe it is imperative that these young men must be transformed by a renewing of their minds. When this occurs these individuals can operate from a different perspective of living, which can be impressive, as well as rewarding.